Project Introduction Language/Platform
FOMmiR MicroRNA Prediction Using a Fixed-Order Markov Model Based on the Secondary Structure Pattern Perl/Web server
fastcov Fast Multiple Covariance Detector Go/Linux,OS X,Windows
SeqKit A cross-platform and ultrafast toolkit for FASTA/Q file manipulation Go/Linux,OS X,Windows
TaxonKit A cross-platform and Efficient NCBI Taxonomy Toolkit Go/Linux,OS X,Windows
gTaxon A fast cross-platform NCBI taxonomy data querying tool, with cmd client and REST API server for both local and remote server Go/Linux,OS X,Windows
bio_scripts Practical, reusable scripts for bioinformatics Perl/Linux,OS X,Windows


Project Introduction Language/Platform
csvtk Another cross-platform, efficient and practical CSV/TSV Toolkit Go/Linux,OS X,Windows
rush Parallelly execute shell commands. A GNU parallel like tool in Go Go/Linux,OS X,Windows
easy_qsub Easily submitting multiple PBS jobs or running local jobs in parallel Python/Linux,OS X

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