SeqKit is implemented in Go programming language, executable binary files for most popular operating systems are freely available in release page.

Latest Version

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  • run seqkit version to check update !!!
  • run seqkit genautocomplete to update Bash completion !!!
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Linux 32-bit seqkit_linux_386.tar.gz,
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Linux 64-bit seqkit_linux_amd64.tar.gz,
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OS X 32-bit seqkit_darwin_386.tar.gz,
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Method 1: Download binaries (latest stable/dev version)

Just download compressed executable file of your operating system, and decompress it with tar -zxvf *.tar.gz command or other tools. And then:

  1. For Linux-like systems

    1. If you have root privilege simply copy it to /usr/local/bin:

      sudo cp seqkit /usr/local/bin/
    2. Or copy to anywhere in the environment variable PATH:

      mkdir -p $HOME/bin/; cp seqkit $HOME/bin/
  2. For windows, just copy seqkit.exe to C:\WINDOWS\system32.

Method 2: Install via conda (latest stable version) Anaconda Cloud downloads

conda install -c bioconda seqkit

Method 3: Install via homebrew (latest stable version)

brew install brewsci/bio/seqkit

Method 4: For Go developer (latest stable/dev version)

go get -u

Method 5: Docker based installation (latest stable/dev version)

Install Docker

git clone this repo:

git clone

Run the following commands:

cd seqkit
docker build -t shenwei356/seqkit .
docker run -it shenwei356/seqkit:latest


Note: The current version supports Bash only. This should work for *nix systems with Bash installed.


  1. run: seqkit genautocomplete

  2. create and edit ~/.bash_completion file if you don't have it.

    nano ~/.bash_completion

    add the following:

    for bcfile in ~/.bash_completion.d/* ; do
      . $bcfile

Release History

  • SeqKit v0.13.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit sana: fix bug causing hanging on empty files. #148
  • SeqKit v0.13.0 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit: fix a rare FASTA/Q parser bug. #127
    • seqkit seq: output sequence or quality in single line when -s/--seq or -q/--qual is on. #132
    • seqkit translate: delete debug info, #133, and fix typo. #134
    • seqkit split2: tiny performance improvement. #137
    • seqkit stats: new flag -i/--stdin-label for replacing default "-" for stdin. #139
    • seqkit fx2tab: new flag -s/--seq-hash for printing hash of sequence (case sensitive). #144
    • seqkit amplicon:
      • fix bug of missing searching reverse strand. #140
      • supporting degenerate bases now. #83
      • new flag -p/--primer-file for reading list of primer pairs. #142
      • new flag --bed for outputing in BED6+1 format. #141
    • New features and improvements by @bsipos. #130, #147
      • new command seqkit scat, for real-time robust concatenation of fastx files.
      • Rewrote the parser behind the sana subcommand, now it supports robust parsing of fasta file as well.
      • Added a "toolbox" feature to the bam subcommand (-T), which is a collection of filters acting on streams of BAM records configured through a YAML string (see the docs for more).
      • Added the SEQKIT_THREADS environmental variable to override the default number of threads.
  • SeqKit v0.12.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit bam: add colorised and pretty printed output, by @bsipos. #110
    • seqkit locate/grep: fix bug of -m, when query contains letters not in subject sequences. #124
    • seqkit split2: new flag -l/--by-length for splitting into chunks of N bases.
    • seqkit fx2tab:
      • new flag -I/--case-sensitive for calculating case sensitive base content. #108
      • add missing column name for averge quality for -H -q. #115
      • fix output of -n/--only-name, do not write empty columns of sequence and quality. #104, #115
    • seqkit seq: new flag -k/--color: colorize sequences.
  • SeqKit v0.12.0 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit:
      • fix checking input file existence.
      • new global flag --infile-list for long list of input files, if given, they are appended to files from cli arguments.
    • seqkit faidx: supporting "truncated" (no ending newline charactor) file.
    • seqkit seq:
      • do not force switching on -g when using -m/-M.
      • show recommendation if flag -t/--seq-type is not DNA/RNA when computing complement sequence. #103
    • seqkit translate: supporting multiple frames. #96
    • seqkit grep/locate:
      • add detection and warning for space existing in search pattern/sequence.
      • speed improvement (2X) for -m/--max-mismatch. shenwei356/bwt/issues/3
    • seqkit locate:
      • new flag -M/--hide-matched for hiding matched sequences. #98
      • new flag -r/--use-regexp for explicitly using regular expression, so improve speed of default index operation. And you have to switch this on if using regexp now. #101
      • new flag -F/--use-fmi for improving search speed for lots of sequence patterns.
    • seqkit rename: making IDs unique across multiple files, and can write into multiple files. #100
    • seqkit sample: fix stdin checking for flag -2. #102.
    • seqkit rename/split/split2: fix detection of existed outdir.
    • split split: fix bug of seqkit split -i -2 and parallizing it.
    • seqkit version: checking update is optional (-u).
  • SeqKit v0.11.0 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit: fix hanging when reading from truncated gzip file.
    • new commands:
      • seqkit amplicon: retrieve amplicon (or specific region around it) via primer(s).
    • new commands by @bsipos:
      • seqkit watch: monitoring and online histograms of sequence features.
      • seqkit sana: sanitize broken single line fastq files.
      • seqkit fish: look for short sequences in larger sequences using local alignment.
      • seqkit bam: monitoring and online histograms of BAM record features.
    • seqkit grep/locate: reduce memory occupation when using flag -m/--max-mismatch.
    • seqkit seq: fix panic of computing complement sequence for long sequences containing illegal letters without flag -v on. #84
  • SeqKit v0.10.2 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit: fix bug of parsing sequence ID delimited by tab (\t). #78
    • seqkit grep: better logic of --delete-matched.
    • seqkit common/rmdup/split: use xxhash to replace MD5 when comparing with sequence, discard flag -m/--md5.
    • seqkit stats: new flag -b/--basename for outputting basename instead of full path.
  • SeqKit v0.10.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit fx2tab: new option -q/--avg-qual for outputting average read quality. #60
    • seqkit grep/locate: fix support of X when using -d/--degenerate. #61
    • seqkit translate:
      • new flag -M/--init-codon-as-M to translate initial codon at beginning to 'M'. #62
      • translates --- to - for aligned DNA/RNA, flag -X needed. #63
      • supports codons containing ambiguous bases, e.g., GGN->G, ATH->I. #64
      • new flag -l/--list-transl-table to show details of translate table N
      • new flag -l/--list-transl-table-with-amb-codons to show details of translate table N (including ambigugous codons)
    • seqkit split/split2, fix bug of ignoring -O when reading from stdin.
  • SeqKit v0.10.0 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit: report error when input is directory.
    • new command seqkit mutate: edit sequence (point mutation, insertion, deletion).
  • SeqKit v0.9.3 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit stats: fix panic for empty file. #57
    • seqkit translate: add flag -x/--allow-unknown-codon to translate unknown codon to X. #56
  • SeqKit v0.9.2 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit: stricter checking for value of global flag -t/--seq-type.
    • seqkit sliding: fix bug for flag -g/--greedy. #54
    • seqkit translate: fix bug for frame < 0. #55
    • seqkit seq: add TAB to default blank characters (flag -G/--gap-letters), and fix filter result when using flag -g/--remove-gaps along with -m/--min-len or -M/--max-len
  • SeqKit v0.9.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit faidx: fix bug of retrieving subsequence with multiple regions on same sequence. #48
    • seqkit sort/shuffle/split: fix bug when using -2/--two-pass to process .gz files. #52
  • SeqKit v0.9.0 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit: better handle of empty file, no error message shown. #36
    • new subcommand seqkit split2: split sequences into files by size/parts (FASTA, PE/SE FASTQ). #35
    • new subcommand seqkit translate: translate DNA/RNA to protein sequence. #28
    • seqkit sort: fix bug when using -2 -i, and add support for sorting in natural order. #39
    • seqkit grep and seqkit locate: add experimental support of mismatch when searching subsequences. #14
    • seqkit stats: add stats of Q20 and Q30 for FASTQ. #45
  • SeqKit v0.8.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit: do not call pigz or gzip for decompressing gzipped file any more. But you can still utilize pigz or gzip by pigz -d -c seqs.fq.gz | seqkit xxx.
    • seqkit subseq: fix bug of missing quality when using --gtf or --bed
    • seqkit stats: parallelize counting files, it's much faster for lots of small files, especially for files on SSD
  • SeqKit v0.8.0 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit, stricter FASTA/Q format requirement, i.e., must starting with > or @.
    • seqkit, fix output format for FASTQ files containing zero-length records, yes this happens.
    • seqkit, add amino acid code O (pyrrolysine) and U (selenocysteine).
    • seqkit replace, add flag --nr-width to fill leading 0s for {nr}, useful for preparing sequence submission (">strain_00001 XX", ">strain_00002 XX").
    • seqkit subseq, require BED file to be tab-delimited.
  • SeqKit v0.7.2 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit tab2fx: fix a concurrency bug that occurs in low proprobability when only 1-column data provided.
    • seqkit stats: add quartiles of sequence length
    • seqkit faidx: add support for retrieving subsequence using seq ID and region, which is similar with "samtools faidx" but has some extra features
  • SeqKit v0.7.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit convert: fix bug of read quality containing only 3 or less values. shenwei356/bio/issues/3
    • seqkit stats: add option -T/--tabular to output in machine-friendly tabular format. #23
    • seqkit common: increase speed and decrease memory occupation, and add some notes.
    • fix some typos. #22
    • suggestion: please install pigz to gain better parsing performance for gzipped data.
  • SeqKit v0.7.0 Github Releases (by Release)
    • add new command convert for converting FASTQ quality encoding between Sanger, Solexa and Illumina. Thanks suggestion from @cviner ( #18). usage & example.
    • add new command range for printing FASTA/Q records in a range (start:end). #19. usage & example.
    • add new command concate for concatenating sequences with same ID from multiple files. usage & example.
  • SeqKit v0.6.0 Github Releases (by Release)
    • add new command genautocomplete to generate shell autocompletion script! (#17)
    • add new command seqkit dup for duplicating sequences (#16)
    • seqkit stats -a does not show L50 which may brings confusion (#15)
    • seqkit subseq --bed: more robust for bad BED files
  • SeqKit v0.5.5 Github Releases (by Release)
    • Increasing speed of reading .gz file by utilizing gzip (1.3X), it would be much faster if you installed pigz (2X).
    • Fixing colorful output in Windows
    • seqkit locate: add flag --gtf and --bed to output GTF/BED6 format, so the result can be used in seqkit subseq.
    • seqkit subseq: fix bug of --bed, add checking coordinate.
  • SeqKit v0.5.4 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit subseq --gtf, add flag --gtf-tag to set tag that's outputted as sequence comment
    • fix seqkit split and seqkit sample: forget not to wrap sequence and quality in output for FASTQ format
    • compile with go1.8.1
  • SeqKit v0.5.3 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit grep: fix bug when using seqkit grep -r -f patternfile: all records will be retrived due to failing to discarding the blank pattern (""). #11
  • SeqKit v0.5.2 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit stats -a and seqkit seq -g -G: change default gap letters from '- ' to '- .'
    • seqkit subseq: fix bug of range overflow when using -d/--down-stream or -u/--up-stream for retieving subseq using BED (--beb) or GTF (--gtf) file.
    • seqkit locate: add flag -G/--non-greedy, non-greedy mode, faster but may miss motifs overlaping with others.
  • SeqKit v0.5.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit restart: fix bug of flag parsing
  • SeqKit v0.5.0 Github Releases (by Release)
    • new command seqkit restart, for resetting start position for circular genome.
    • seqkit sliding: add flag -g/--greedy, exporting last subsequences even shorter than windows size.
    • seqkit seq:
      • add flag -m/--min-len and -M/--max-len to filter sequences by length.
      • rename flag -G/--gap-letter to -G/--gap-letters.
    • seqkit stat:
      • renamed to seqkit stats, don't worry, old name is still available as an alias.
      • add new flag -a/all, for all statistics, including sum_gap, N50, and L50.
  • SeqKit v0.4.5 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit seq: fix bug of failing to reverse quality of FASTQ sequence
  • SeqKit v0.4.4 Github Releases (by Release)
    • seqkit locate: fix bug of missing regular-expression motifs containing non-DNA characters (e.g., ACT.{6,7}CGG) from motif file (-f).
    • compiled with go v1.8.
  • SeqKit v0.4.3 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix bug of seqkit stat: min_len always be 0 in versions: v0.4.0, v0.4.1, v0.4.2
  • SeqKit v0.4.2 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix header information of seqkit subseq when restriving up- and down-steam sequences using GTF/BED file.
  • SeqKit v0.4.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • enchancement: remove redudant regions for seqkit locate.
  • SeqKit v0.4.0 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix bug of seqkit locate, e.g, only find two locations (1-4, 7-10, missing 4-7) of ACGA in ACGACGACGA.
    • better output of seqkit stat for empty file.
  • SeqKit v0.3.9 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix bug of region selection for blank sequences. affected commands include seqkit subseq --region, seqkit grep --region, seqkit split --by-region.
    • compile with go1.8beta1.
  • SeqKit v0.3.8.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • enhancement and bugfix of seqkit common: two or more same files allowed, fix log information of number of extracted sequences in the first file.
  • SeqKit v0.3.8 Github Releases (by Release)
    • enhancement of seqkit common: better handling of files containing replicated sequences
  • SeqKit v0.3.7 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix bug in seqkit split --by-id when sequence ID contains invalid characters for system path.
    • add more flags validation for seqkit replace.
    • enhancement: raise error when key pattern matches multiple targes in cases of replacing with key-value files and more controls are added.
    • changes: do not wrap sequence and quality in output for FASTQ format.
  • SeqKit v0.3.6 Github Releases (by Release)
    • add new feature for seqkit grep: new flag -R (--region) for specifying sequence region for searching.
  • SeqKit v0.3.5 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fig bug of seqkit grep: flag -i (--ignore-case) did not work when not using regular expression
  • SeqKit v0.3.4.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • improve performance of reading (~10%) and writing (100%) gzip-compressed file by using package
    • add citation
  • SeqKit v0.3.4 Github Releases (by Release)
    • bugfix: seq wrongly handles only the first one sequence file when multiple files given
    • new feature: fx2tab can output alphabet letters of a sequence by flag -a (--alphabet)
    • new feature: new flag -K (--keep-key) for replace, when replacing with key-value file, one can choose keeping the key as value or not.
  • SeqKit v0.3.3 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix bug of seqkit replace, wrongly starting from 2 when using {nr} in -r (--replacement)
    • new feature: seqkit replace supports replacement symbols {nr} (record number) and {kv} (corresponding value of the key ($1) by key-value file)
  • SeqKit v0.3.2 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix bug of seqkit split, error when target file is in a directory.
    • improve performance of seqkit spliding for big sequences, and output last part even if it's shorter than window sze, output of FASTQ is also supported.
  • SeqKit v0.3.1.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • compile with go1.7rc5, with higher performance and smaller size of binary file
  • SeqKit v0.3.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • improve speed of seqkit locate
  • SeqKit v0.3.0 Github Releases (by Release)
    • use fork of, using zcat for speedup of .gz file reading on *nix systems.
    • improve speed of parsing sequence ID when creating FASTA index
    • reduce memory usage of seqkit subseq --gtf
    • fix bug of seqkit subseq when using flag --id-ncbi
    • fix bug of seqkit split, outdir error
    • fix bug of seqkit seq -p, last base is wrongly failed to convert when sequence length is odd.
    • add "sum_len" result for output of seqkit stat
  • seqkit v0.2.9 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix minor bug of seqkit split and seqkit shuffle, header name error due to improper use of pointer
    • add option -O (--out-dir) to seqkit split
  • seqkit v0.2.8 Github Releases (by Release)
    • improve speed of parsing sequence ID, not using regular expression for default --id-regexp
    • improve speed of record outputing for small-size sequences
    • fix minor bug: seqkit seq for blank record
    • update benchmark result
  • seqkit v0.2.7 Github Releases (by Release)
    • reduce memory usage by optimize the outputing of sequences. detail: using BufferedByteSliceWrapper to resuse bytes.Buffer.
    • reduce memory usage and improve speed by using custom buffered reading mechanism, instead of using standard library bufio, which is slow for large genome sequence.
    • discard strategy of "buffer" and "chunk" of FASTA/Q records, just parse records one by one.
    • delete global flags -c (--chunk-size) and -b (--buffer-size).
    • add function testing scripts
  • seqkit v0.2.6 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix bug of seqkit subseq: Inplace subseq method leaded to wrong result
  • seqkit v0.2.5.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix a bug of seqkit subseq: chromesome name was not be converting to lower case when using --gtf or --bed
  • seqkit v0.2.5 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix a serious bug brought in v0.2.3, using unsafe method to convert string to []byte
    • add awk-like built-in variable of record number ({NR}) for seqkit replace
  • seqkit v0.2.4.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix several bugs from library bio, affected situations:
      • Locating patterns in sequences by pattern FASTA file: seqkit locate -f
      • Reading FASTQ file with record of which the quality starts with +
    • add command version
  • seqkit v0.2.4 Github Releases (by Release)
    • add subcommand head
  • seqkit v0.2.3 Github Releases (by Release)
    • reduce memory occupation by avoid copy data when convert string to []byte
    • speedup reverse-complement by avoid repeatly calling functions
  • seqkit v0.2.2 Github Releases (by Release)
    • reduce memory occupation of subcommands that use FASTA index
  • seqkit v0.2.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • improve performance of outputing.
    • fix bug of seqkit seq -g for FASTA fromat
    • some other minor fix of code and docs
    • update benchmark results
  • seqkit v0.2.0 Github Releases (by Release)
    • reduce memory usage of writing output
    • fix bug of subseq, shuffle, sort when reading from stdin
    • reduce memory usage of faidx
    • make validating sequences an optional option in seq command, it saves some time.
  • seqkit v0.1.9 Github Releases (by Release)
    • using custom FASTA index file extension: .seqkit.fai
    • reducing memory usage of sample --number --two-pass
    • change default CPU number to 2 for multi-cpus computer, and 1 for single-CPU computer
  • seqkit v0.1.8 Github Releases (by Release)
    • add subcommand rename to rename duplicated IDs
    • add subcommand faidx to create FASTA index file
    • utilize faidx to improve performance of subseq
    • shuffle, sort and split support two-pass mode (by flag -2) with faidx to reduce memory usage.
    • document update
  • seqkit v0.1.7 Github Releases (by Release)
    • add support for (multi-line) FASTQ format
    • update document, add technical details
    • rename subcommands fa2tab and tab2fa to fx2tab and tab2fx
    • add subcommand fq2fa
    • add column "seq_format" to stat
    • add global flag -b (--bufer-size)
    • little change of flag in subseq and some other commands
  • seqkit v0.1.6 Github Releases (by Release)
    • add subcommand replace
  • seqkit v0.1.5.2 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix bug of grep, when not using flag -r, flag -i will not take effect.
  • seqkit v0.1.5.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • fix result of seqkit sample -n
    • fix benchmark script
  • seqkit v0.1.5 Github Releases (by Release)
    • add global flag --id-ncbi
    • add flag -d (--dup-seqs-file) and -D (--dup-num-file) for subcommand rmdup
    • make using MD5 as an optional flag -m (--md5) in subcommand rmdup and common
    • fix file name suffix of seqkit split result
    • minor modification of sliding output
  • seqkit v0.1.4.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • change alignment of stat output
    • preciser CPUs number control
  • seqkit v0.1.4 Github Releases (by Release)
    • add subcommand sort
    • improve subcommand subseq: supporting of getting subsequences by GTF and BED files
    • change name format of sliding result
    • prettier output of stat
  • seqkit v0.1.3.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • Performance improvement by reducing time of cleaning spaces
    • Document update
  • seqkit v0.1.3 Github Releases (by Release)
    • Further performance improvement
    • Rename sub command extract to grep
    • Change default value of flag --threads back CPU number of current device, change default value of flag --chunk-size back 10000 sequences.
    • Update benchmark
  • seqkit v0.1.2 Github Releases (by Release)
    • Add flag --dna2rna and --rna2dna to subcommand seq.
  • seqkit v0.1.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • 5.5X speedup of FASTA file parsing by avoid using regular expression to remove spaces (detail ) and using slice indexing instead of map to validate letters (detail)
    • Change default value of global flag -- thread to 1. Since most of the subcommands are I/O intensive, For computation intensive jobs, like extract and locate, you may set a bigger value.
    • Change default value of global flag --chunk-size to 100.
    • Add subcommand stat
    • Fix bug of failing to automatically detect alphabet when only one record in file.
  • seqkit v0.1 Github Releases (by Release)
    • first release of seqkit