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Data set

  • NCBI taxonomy, version 2019-07-01

  • taxids

    • small.txt (n=13)

      cut -f 1 nodes.dmp | csvtk sample -H -p 0.00001 > taxids.small.txt
    • medium.txt (n=2125)

      cut -f 1 nodes.dmp | csvtk sample -H -p 0.001 > taxids.medium.txt
    • big.txt (n=211549)

      cut -f 1 nodes.dmp | csvtk sample -H -p 0.1 > taxids.big.txt


Installation and Configurations

  • ETE

    sudo pip3 install ete3
  • Biopython

    sudo pip3 install biopython
  • taxadb

    sudo pip3 install -U taxadb
    taxadb download --type taxa -o ~/.taxadb -f
    taxadb create -i ~/.taxadb --division taxa  --dbname ~/.taxadb/taxadb.sqlite

Scripts and Commands

Scripts/Command as listed below. Python scripts were written followed to the official documents, and parallelized querying were not used, including taxonkit.

taxonkit        taxonkit lineage -d "; "

A Python script memusg was used to computate running time and peak memory usage of a process. A Perl scripts is used to automatically running tests and generate data for plotting.

Note that is not used, because quering via internet (entrez) is too slow for large number of queries.

Running benchmark:

# 55min for me...
time perl -n 3 -o bench.get_lineage.tsv

# clear
# rm *.lineage
# rm *.out

Checking result:

md5sum *.lineage
f7a31ab739f896fade1cf0808c2f374c  taxids.big.txt.ete.lineage
f7a31ab739f896fade1cf0808c2f374c  taxids.big.txt.taxadb.lineage
25947a23dd76e236c3740e0403c4050a  taxids.big.txt.taxonkit.lineage
0704aa45fe5e4bfb16491820cb3bf6bf  taxids.medium.txt.ete.lineage
0704aa45fe5e4bfb16491820cb3bf6bf  taxids.medium.txt.taxadb.lineage
0704aa45fe5e4bfb16491820cb3bf6bf  taxids.medium.txt.taxonkit.lineage
7fa77b023f69d3b5dfa45be88b624799  taxids.small.txt.ete.lineage
7fa77b023f69d3b5dfa45be88b624799  taxids.small.txt.taxadb.lineage
7fa77b023f69d3b5dfa45be88b624799  taxids.small.txt.taxonkit.lineage

diff taxids.big.txt.ete.lineage taxids.big.txt.taxonkit.lineage
< 1
> 1     root

The only difference in taxids.big.txt.taxonkit.lineage is taxonkit returns "root" for taxid 1, while the others return nothing.

Plotting benchmark result. R libraries dplyr, ggplot2, scales, ggthemes, ggrepel are needed.

# reformat dataset
# tools:
for f in taxids.*.txt;  do wc -l $f; done \
    | csvtk space2tab | csvtk cut -H -t -f 2,1 \
    | csvtk replace -H -t -f 2 -p ^ -r n= \
    > dataset_rename.tsv

cat bench.get_lineage.tsv \
    | csvtk replace -t -f dataset -k dataset_rename.tsv -p '(.+)' -r '{kv}' \
    | csvtk sort -t -k dataset:N \
    > bench.get_lineage.reformat.tsv

./plot.R -i bench.get_lineage.reformat.tsv --width 8 --height 3.3